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Tree Stump Poisoning & Chemical Treatment Services

At Professional Tree Removal Melbourne, we provide a tree stump poisoning service that is not commonly used for stump removal but can be applicable in certain situations. Tree stump poisoning involves the use of chemicals to prevent regrowth and kill off the stump and roots. While it doesn’t immediately remove or degrade the wood, it can be a cost-effective option in some cases.

Before applying any chemicals in the garden, it’s important to carefully consider the implications. Our team can offer advice on the best form of chemical stump treatment and the proper application process to ensure the safety of surrounding plants and people. If you’re in need of a tree stump poisoning expert in Melbourne, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Prior to starting a chemical stump treatment project, we take several factors into account. Firstly, we assess the stump and determine if any epicormic shoots or suckers need to be removed to create fresh wounds for proper chemical absorption. In some cases, we may need to use a chainsaw to cut the stump to expose clean, fresh wood for the treatment. Our stump removal team is fully qualified in chemical application and chainsaw use, following Safe Work Australia guidelines.

During the site assessment, we consider the presence of wildlife, pets, and people who may be affected by the work. We ensure the appropriate warning signage is displayed in public spaces and cordon off the area whenever possible. Our team follows proper safety protocols, including wearing personal protective equipment and adhering to correct chemical handling processes. We also keep electronic copies of Material Safety Data Sheets on-site for emergencies.

The surrounding trees and vegetation are also taken into account during the site assessment. Since tree root systems can be interconnected, we are cautious about applying poison or chemicals near other trees, minimizing overspray, overspill, and chemical runoff.

Chemical stump treatment is used in situations where physically removing the stump is not possible or when it’s more cost-effective. For work sites with multiple small stumps that need to be killed off, chemical poisoning can be the preferred option. Certain tree species, such as Casuarina, can be poisoned to prevent stump regrowth. Exotic species like Poplar or Cherry trees can also be poisoned to prevent unwanted suckers from growing.

The cut stump method

Our primary method for poisoning tree stumps is called “the cut stump method.” It involves removing suckers or shoots from the stump or cutting the stump down to expose fresh, live wood. This step ensures proper uptake of the herbicide stump killer. Depending on site hazards, we either pour the glyphosate or herbicide onto the stump or apply it with a brush. In public areas, we use colored dye to indicate that the stump has been treated, taking care not to spill or spread herbicide to other areas. The stump typically absorbs the chemicals quickly. We recommend keeping pets and children away from treated stumps for at least 24 hours or longer if possible. All herbicide containers are clearly marked and disposed of according to Worksafe Victoria guidelines.

We also offer bamboo poisoning services and treat other noxious weeds like Wild Ginger. While we can’t guarantee a 100% success rate, multiple visits are often recommended for effective treatment. Chemical treatment is preferred before attempting stump grinding or grubbing for bamboo or noxious weeds to ensure the plants are killed before the risk of further spread. Proper disposal methods, such as incineration or landfill, are followed for these plants, and stump grinding mulch from these species should not be used in the garden.

We prioritize environmental responsibility and ensure no unnecessary runoff or herbicides leach into food crops or waterways. We conduct thorough site assessments to ensure our stump poisoning service has no adverse effects on the environment. If you have any questions about stump poisoning or our commitment to the environment, feel free to reach out to us.

In addition to stump poisoning, we offer various other stump removal services tailored to the specific needs of our clients. Stump grinding is the most common method we use, utilizing different-sized machines depending on the stump size, project scale, access to the worksite, and the presence of underground utilities. Stump grubbing or digging is an option for large stumps or sites where machinery access is feasible. In some cases, manual digging may be necessary. We also provide root pruning services to address problematic tree roots that may interfere with construction, surface on lawns, or pose tripping hazards. Our skilled climbing arborists can safely and efficiently remove trees of any size when necessary, and we highly recommend tree pruning as an alternative to removal whenever possible.

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