The native vegetation removal regulations in Victoria were last updated on 12 December 2017. The details of the review process can be found in the document titled “Review of the native vegetation clearing regulations 2015-2017.”

Native vegetation plays a crucial role in providing habitat for plants and animals, as well as delivering various ecosystem services that enhance land productivity and contribute to human well-being.

In Victoria, it is generally necessary to obtain a permit for the removal, destruction, or lopping of native vegetation. These regulations are commonly referred to as the native vegetation removal regulations and are primarily enforced through local council planning schemes.

See below regarding the Guidelines for the removal, destruction, or lopping of native vegetation provide a framework for assessing and offsetting the removal of native vegetation. These Guidelines are incorporated as a document in all Victorian planning schemes.

Guidelines for the removal, destruction or lopping of native vegetation (DELWP 2017) (PDF, 1.5 MB)