Having grass around trees can have both advantages and disadvantages. Here are some factors to consider when deciding whether to have grass around trees:


  • Aesthetics: Grass can enhance the overall appearance of the landscape, providing a lush and green backdrop for the trees.
  • Erosion control: Grass helps to stabilize the soil and prevent erosion, especially on sloped areas.
  • Weed suppression: Well-maintained grass can help suppress the growth of weeds around the trees, reducing competition for resources.
  • Soil moisture retention: Grass can act as a natural mulch, helping to retain soil moisture and prevent evaporation.


  • Competition for resources: Grass and trees both require water, nutrients, and sunlight. In some cases, the grass may compete with the trees for these resources, potentially affecting the tree’s growth and health.
  • Root damage: Mowing and maintenance activities can inadvertently damage the tree’s roots if not performed carefully.
  • Soil compaction: Frequent foot traffic or heavy equipment used for mowing or maintenance can lead to soil compaction around the tree, which can negatively impact root growth and water absorption.
  • Disease and pests: Grass can harbor pests and diseases that may affect the trees if proper care and maintenance are not followed.

To strike a balance, it’s important to consider the specific tree species, the health and growth stage of the trees, soil conditions, and maintenance practices. Regular monitoring and proper care are essential to ensure both the grass and trees thrive. If you have concerns or are unsure about the suitability of having grass around your trees, consulting with Professional Tree Removal Melbourne can provide valuable guidance based on your specific circumstances and the conditions in your area.