Melbourne, Australia’s second-largest city, is often referred to as a garden city and is renowned for its livability. It boasts numerous parks, gardens, and green spaces in close proximity to the CBD. These areas are meticulously managed by Parks Victoria and offer a diverse range of plant species, scenic landscapes, pedestrian pathways, and tree-lined streets.

The city’s commitment to preserving open spaces and gardens can be traced back to Charles La Trobe, the first superintendent of the Port Phillip region, who set aside extensive land for parks and gardens. While some of these areas have been repurposed for public infrastructure and residential development over time, a significant portion has been preserved. This has allowed notable landscape designers like Clement Hodgkinson and William Guilfoyle to beautify many of Melbourne’s parks and gardens. Notably, these green spaces are conveniently located within walking distance of the central business district.

Melbourne’s inner suburbs are home to several noteworthy parks and gardens. The Flagstaff Gardens, one of the city’s oldest parks, features a memorial to early European settlers buried there and is a popular lunchtime spot for office workers. The Royal Botanic Gardens and Kings Domain, situated across the Yarra River from the CBD, are highly regarded for their extensive collection of botanical species and impressive landscaping. Queen Victoria Gardens and Alexandra Gardens continue the parkland along St Kilda Road, leading to the picturesque Yarra River. The Carlton Gardens, designated as a World Heritage Site, are located north of the CBD and house the iconic Royal Exhibition Building. These gardens showcase a mix of European and Australian tree plantings, with vibrant flower beds and various amenities.

Royal Park, situated four kilometers north of the CBD, is a sprawling parkland that encompasses sports fields, the Royal Melbourne Zoological Gardens, and the former Athlete’s Village of the 2006 Commonwealth Games. Nearby Princes Park is also a significant green space. The Treasury Gardens and Fitzroy Gardens, located to the east of Spring Street and the CBD, offer tranquil retreats and are often used as gathering points for political events and celebrations. The Fitzroy Gardens, designed by Clement Hodgkinson, are particularly notable for their features such as Captain Cook’s Cottage, ornamental lakes, and historical landmarks.

Yarra Park, situated on the north bank of the Yarra River, is home to the iconic Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) and features sculptures of Australian sporting heroes. The Olympic Park precinct, including Birrarung Marr, was developed as part of the railway yard and Federation Square redevelopment. Birrarung Marr, opened in 2002, offers scenic views of Melbourne’s landmarks and includes the original speakers mounds of Speakers Corner.

Albert Park, located in the bayside suburb of Albert Park, surrounds the picturesque Albert Park Lake and serves as a hub for various sports activities and events. It is also the venue for the annual Australian Grand Prix. St Vincent Gardens in Albert Park is another noteworthy park, representing nineteenth-century residential development around a large landscaped square.

Beyond the inner suburbs, Melbourne’s outer suburbs feature extensive parks, rivers, and natural areas. These include Berwick Springs Park, Blackburn Lake Sanctuary, Braeside Park, Brimbank Park, Caribbean Gardens, Chelsea Bicentennial Park, Cherry Lake, Truganina Coastal Parklands, Altona Coastal Park, and many more. These green spaces provide recreational opportunities and preserve natural habitats in suburban areas.

The Dandenong Ranges, situated to the east of Melbourne, are known for their gardens that thrive in the fertile soil and high rainfall of the region. Driving through the hills during autumn is a popular activity to witness the vibrant foliage of deciduous trees. Public gardens in the Dandenong Ranges include William Ricketts Sanctuary, Dandenong Ranges Botanic Garden.

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